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Meditation and Yoga for Golfers

by YoGolf
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What it includes?

  • 1-on-1 online session with Mansi Mahajan
  • Total of 60 min each.

Sequence of the Set Session: 

Tune In/ Centering Process - 5 minutes 

Breath work/Pranayama - 10 minutes

Warm Up- 5 minutes Sukshma Vyayama for golfers (Warming up of the joints and connecting tissue) 

Golf specific Yog asana practice - 10 minutes 

Meditation/ Mindfulness Practise- 10 minutes 

Cool Down/ Tune Out: 5 minutes

How to sign up for the session?

Simple 3 step process:

1. Add the service to cart.

2. Make a payment.

3. We'll get in touch with you within a few hours & have an appointment booked.

Why Yoga & Meditation for Golfers?

Yoga, Meditation & Golf are tied in an inseparable bond of mind-body connection to be able to bridge the gap between what we visualize and what is. Golf demands attention to the tiniest of details, and yoga offers the bandwidth link to maximize your potential on and off the course.  

Golf requires a tremendous amount of physical as well as mental skill and practice, therefore its imperative that the mind is calm to learn to stay in the moment. The emphasis on yogic breathing and mind-body connection in yoga is essential in helping golfers develop mental acuity, patience, concentration and not to forget lower scores!


"When I started practicing yoga, my skill was terrible and so was my golf swing,"........ My lower back pain decreased and my balance increased, as my poses improved.  

“I also felt the mental calmness from my yoga practice transfer to my temperament on the course. The breathing and focus of yoga had a place in my golf game."

- Joe Hafera of the Titleist Performance Institute.  

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