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12-Month Golf Nutrition Plan


What it includes?
  • 24 sessions of consultation from certified & top notch sports nutritionists at Adam's Genetics.
  • Monthly diet plan
  • Counselling bi monthly
  • Sweat analysis
  • Hydration plan
  • Competition guidelines
  • Travelling plan
  • 18-holes plan

How to sign up for the session?

Simple 3 step process:

1. Add the service to cart.

2. Make a payment.

3. We'll get in touch with you within a few hours & have an appointment booked.

About Adam's Genetics?

India's leading Sports genetic testing and healthcare products company.

Founded by Shah Fahd who comes with over 15 years of experience in Genetics, Health, Nutrition and Pharmaceutical sectors where he consistently pushed for innovations and its commercialisation.

Fahd is the brain behind the adoption of genetic based regime by Indian Cricket players, in both Men and Women teams, to help them realise their full potential through its highly innovative and scientific products and nutrition advice.

Today some of top athletes, Bollywood actors, Corporate CEOs are relying on Fahd's advice to remain fit and get the best out of themselves.

Adam's Genetics is proud to work with world's best Sports Scientists, Nutritionists, and Researchers.

Got more questions?

Reach us on +91 981 005 6558