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While you are on getting with business, we at IGPN help you conceptualise and execute a customised golf event for you, your employees & clients.



Professionally managed Corporate Tournaments

PR event to which 36 to 200 players are invited. 

Event hosted over 1 / 2 / 3 Days. 

Players compete for Title Trophy of the company. 

Most participants are given prizes for small competitions. 

Organised with a Budget of  Rs 3 lakhs upwards, depending upon F & B. 

These events are managed by Monish Bindra Management

Corporate Golf Clinic for your Clients

A lot of people world like to get introduced to the game of golf but never had the opportunity. Your company can take this initiative to introduce this wonderful sport to your elite clients and get them to spend a quality day sponsored by a brand that cares about them.

What a typical program might look like:

Refreshments on arrival

Golf clinic 60-120 min

Competitions (Optional)

Lunch / Dinner / Cocktails (optional)

Corporate Golf Clinic for your Employees

Team building exercise for employees. 

Invite from 5 & 100 pax 

Corporate can do offsite at Jaypee Resort or have a stand alone clinic over 1 or 2 days. 

Various departments of companies can compete against each other in competitions. 

Refreshments on arrival.

Golf clinic 60-120 min 

Competitions (Optional) 

Lunch / Dinner / Cocktails (optional)

Corporate Golf Clinic for your Employees' families

As companies have to generates goodwill with their employees, it is a good idea to host a golf clinic for the family of the employees. 

Invites the employee/sponse/children for a golf clinic. 

Refreshments on arrival, breakfast, lunch, dinner. 

Competitions for all participants in their categories. 

More fun activities for children and spouses.

In-house Simulation Program

Basic facility Full Swing Cages (area required 15' x 20')

Driving Bay/s

Chipping Green


Putting Green (can be astro turf)

Advance facility golf driving range 100-200 yards, based on availability of land & budget.

Exclusive Golfing day-out with clients

Treat your clients to a 9 hole game on a Golf Course with a Pro followed by a Clinic. It is the ultimate in experience for an Amateur Golfer. Have fun & improve the game,

What a typical program looks like:

7:00 a.m - Breakfast

8:00 a.m - Round of golf, 9 holes with a professional golfer

11:00 a.m - Clinic by professionals including video analysis

1:00 p.m - Lunch

Barbeque & Golf Night

Ultimate golfing experience during the day followed by barbeque party in the night.

What you'll experience at the event?

Barbeque menu of you choice

Sponsor's branding & marketing collateral displayed at the venue

Prize distribution

Programs & activities

Clinic for non-golfers

9/18 hole competition for serious golfers

Off course fun mini golf games such as; Straightest drive, Pitching competition, Monster Putt & Obstacle putting.


Top executives play a game of 9 holes with the academy professionals


Get in touch & we'll have some reach you within 24 hours.