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The 7th Hole in One

The 7th Hole in One

I guess being a coach does help knowing your swing. 

16th March playing the 5th hole at Jaypee Greens which usually plays 135 to 155 yards with a water body on the right , till the green is also the signature hole of the golf course. My approach  is to  always hit it solid, declutter the mind of any thoughts of water or any other obstacles.

Today the hole was playing 144 yards into slight headwind , so about 148 yards in all, which is a good 9 iron for me. A good swing right at the flag and it happened, my 7 th Hole in One. My playing partners were Parnika Sharma and Kushagra Panwar my students. They were absolutely elated seeing a hole in one happen in front of them. 


Just a few days back my brother and his son aced the same hole at the Delhi Golf Club on back to back shots. That was one in a billion. 

As the saying goes " The greatest game ever played. "

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