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One in a billion - father & son have Hole in one's on the same hole

One in a billion - father & son have Hole in one's on the same hole

Celebrating my birthday on the beautiful Sunday morning of February 12th was the highlight of my life. At 10:15 am, I hit the course with my eldest son, Ashmit Bindra to play the peacock course at Delhi Golf Club, our usual spot. We typically play 18 holes but we had to cut our game short for a family lunch in honor of my birthday.

The peacock course was crowded and each hole took longer than usual. The two golfers behind us were a bit far back, but we kept up with the pair in front due to the delays.

On the 6th hole, the wind was particularly strong. One player's 7 iron shot got caught in the wind and fell short of the green. My son Ashmit on a whim, switched from a 9 iron to an 8 iron. With his signature smooth swing, he hit the ball and it landed on the green, rolling about 4 feet towards the pin before disappearing. The caddies erupted in applause, and I was overjoyed at my son's first ever hole-in-one. He was shocked and stunned, and we all took a moment to bask in the achievement. My turn came next and I too asked for an 8 iron despite the strong headwind. I hit the ball with a slight draw and it landed 3 feet from the hole before dropping in for a hole in one. We all went wild with excitement and the players on the 5th green and ahead of us came running over to see what was going on. The happiness and joy of this once-in-a-lifetime event, two players have a hole in one on the same hole and that too a son and father happening on my birthday, was unforgettable.

Our family had a fantastic lunch, filled with cheers and congratulations from our fellow golfers and starters. It was a proud and unique moment for me as a father to have a hole-in-one with my son on the same hole.

The family count is now 11 hole in one's 👍

By Anish Bindra
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