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How Golfers are finding greener pastures to tee it up?

How Golfers are finding greener pastures to tee it up?

Indifferent times.. different locations for golf
Sports women or men always find a way to do the unthinkable. Do things with a difference. 
IGPN Director of Golf,  Monish Bindra, has come up with a way to take to social distancing, plus get the golf going  at the same time. You could say it is time for a well-deserved break from all that is going on.
Drive a few hours out from Delhi NCR to a reasonably remote location where social distancing is being maintained to a decent standard. Check in and tee it up in a serene, calm and composed environment in the lap of Mother Nature. 
Throughout the day, hear the river water flowing which acts as meditation by itself. To top it all, sumptuous food cooked with freshly picked vegetables. 
So where is the golf in all this, you might ask. 
We at IGPN will put together YoGolf + Golf coaching or Extensive golf fitness + Golf Coaching packages for our clients. These packages are customised, from the number of days, type of accommodation, level of YoGolf/golf fitness and the type of golf training programme that you need. 
Family and friends can accompany to enjoy and be with you. 
We are all doing the best we can to stay away from Covid-19. Unfortunately the element of uncertainty looms over all of us but we cannot stop living. So let's pick up our golf clubs and swing back into the life we want.
Additional features to the tour
Jungle Safari
Green fee
Caddy fee
Picnic Day
For more details on a customised package for you and your group please contact
what's app to +919810056558
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