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IGPN team helps senior corporate golfer revive his golfing dreams

IGPN team helps senior corporate golfer revive his golfing dreams

Anil P. Gupta

Former Global Marketing Executive, General Electric (Energy), USA

Former President & Country Head, Honeywell India 

Former President & Head – Reliance Infrastructure

Being an avid corporate golfer, the onset of arthritis at the age of 61 years in 2017 came as a big setback and shock.  

Treatment for this included a major surgery at Fortis Hospital on my left shoulder where the damaged cartilage was removed completely, and the movement of my left shoulder significantly restricted. 

The surgeon was not sure if I could continue golf. 

After six months of surgery and physiotherapy, Monish along with his physiotherapy team, took up the challenge to get me back on the golf course. Given the physical constraints, Monish slowly started reworking my whole swing and other aspects every week, to reduce any load and pain on the impacted area. 

Soon he got me on the golf course initially beginning with one club, a pitching wedge playing from the Ladies Tee.

It has now been three years working with Monish and I am happy to say that because of his help and support, I am back to the yellow tee, able to use all my clubs. 

Most importantly I am also now able to compete with my fellow golfers and give them run a for their money. 

Recently I have also started using my driver which I had avoided using. I have lost distance but have become more consistent, with a significant improvement in my short game. 

The surgeon at Fortis was also impressed as he felt that the golf game has actually acted as physiotherapy with significant improvement in the movement of my left shoulder. 

As per him, he has never seen anybody recover so well after a major shoulder joint surgery with no cartilage left, just a plain joint.

Thank you so much, Monish. As you take care of avid golfers like us, you also guide youngsters what they ‘should do’ to ensure the longevity of their golf game. 

Monish Bindra coaching Mr Anil Gupta

This we unfortunately in our youth did not consider, manifesting into major issues like accelerated arthritis and joint problems in our golden age where we all look forward to playing golf as part of our retirement.

Monish Bindra is the Director of Golf at IGPN which manages the Jaypee Golf Academy at Greater Noida. 


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