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IGPN online Golf coaching reaches six cities across the globe.

IGPN online Golf coaching reaches six cities across the globe.

Difference in the swing after 4 sessions.

                           Before/ Recent  Swing                                           

IGPNONLINE.COM golf coaching platform now in Jaipur, Bhopal, Noida, Gurgaon, HongKong, Toronto, London. 

Ashish Grover Handicap 9 from Bhopal has been taking lessons from IGPN Director of golf Monish Bindra online.

This is what Ashish Has to say "A friend recommended Bindra's online and fitness platform and I decided to give it a shot. 

I have been taking online lessons for 3 months now it's been a smooth transformation of my swing. The platform is great and very prompt. 

  • From a fade ball flight it has got transformed in a power fade, it's more consistent now. 
  • We have worked on cutting down unnecessary movements. 
  • The ball flight is higher and I am hitting it further. 

I had my apprehensions about how it would work but Monish takes the additional pain in doing research and explains the concept before the live session which gives a better understanding of the concepts or technique beforehand. I have enrolled for the igpnonline golf fitness as will under their TPI certified coach Sandeep Parihar. Now I have access to excellent quality of coaching from anywhere". is now one of its kind platform offering

  • Golf lessons for Beginners & Advance
  • Golf fitness
  • Golf Nutrition
  • Golf Physio
  • YoGolf (yoga and meditation designed for golfers) coming soon

Take a look at the entire range of service here

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