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Double Win for academy student's at the Hyundai National Interschool Golf Trophy 2022

Double Win for academy student's at the Hyundai National Interschool Golf Trophy 2022

Academy student's had a clean sweep at the Hyundai National Interschool golf trophy championship.  Anshul Bhati and Sukhman Singh both Won in their respective categories at the Noida Golf Club on the 29th of october 22.
Master Anshul Bhati aged 14 years playing in catagory "B" boys, shot a score of 5 over par which was certainly not his personal best but good enough for the title on the given day.
Anshul started playing golf only 3 years ago and he has developed great interest and love for the game. Anshul is working on his lifestyle fitness and golf swing at the Jaypee Kination performance Studio and puts in his practice and takes lesson at the Jaypee IGPN Golf Academy Greater Noida. He comes from a non golfing family but his parents are very supportive so is his school the Jaypee Public school, Greater Noida.
Sukhman Singh aged 16 years category "A" boys Won with the score of level Par. The course conditions were tuff, but Sukhman kept his cool and performed well. He has been playing golf for 9 yrs and is a perfect product of the Indian coaching system. His school The Amity International School is also helpful  as they grant him permission to play tournaments and help him cope up with his studies.
His father and mother play the supporting role, while his mother travels with him and takes him for his golf fitness and lessons, his father a Champion golfer in his own right who has been Indian no 1 Amateur and has Won a few International tournaments in his time is the perfect mentor to Sukhman.  
The Jaypee IGPN Golf Academy is certainly coming of age where Winning is a way of life for its budding champions. Ironically the academy head Monish Bindra has been the coach to Simarjeet Singh when he went on to become no 1 in India and now guiding Sukhman on the same lines.
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