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Club fitting for all age's...Why is it important?

Club fitting for all age's...Why is it important?

A golfer has to deal with many aspects and facets of the game. Be it the right golf equipment, how best to play a course, her or his golf fitness, how to improve the golf swing... These are just a few issues every golfer needs to manage.

Having achieved some consistency in your golf swing and once you have a more predictable ball flight, the next move would be to get a set of clubs that suits your swing and body type.

What is equipment customisation
Yes, a golf set should be bought as per your height, wrist to ground ratio, hand size, club head speed, swing speed. To precisely assess these perimeters you would be put on a swing analysis tool like Flight Scope, Trackman, GC Quard and others that are available  in the market. 

The data from these devices helps club fitters suggest the right shaft and head combination for a golfer. 

The idea is that for a junior, the growing years are taken into consideration with light-weight shafts, while for ladies, the need is for light-weight shafts which are customised to their height. For male golfers, sets are customised with the right shaft and kick point. 

Key points for customisation

These are some important factors to keep in mind

• Weight of the club and shaft 

• Length of the club 

• Grip size 

• Kick point of the shaft 

• Type of head as per the competence of a player 

Recently the Jaypee IGPN Golf Academy opened its club fitting and customisation studio. It has tied up with all brands and has a club repair and customisation work shop as well. 


Senior All India Champion Gangesh Khaitan got fitted out by IGPN Director of Golf Monish Bindra for a new set of Callaway Irons. 

Mr Khaitan was all praise for the help and process. 

"After playing golf for nearly 6 decades my Coach Monish Bindra took me through a very systematic process of club fitting, which were then ordered directly from the company.  

“Now I am playing with my newly fitted clubs and the quality of shot making, ease of striking and increase in distance is what I have experienced. After a certain age we tend to lose distance but I have picked up a few yards and enjoying the game more than before".

Jaypee Greens club member Nishit Sadh recently got fitted for a Ping set.  

"Monish assisted me with club fitting by suggesting adjustments to the length of the shaft and angle of the irons to suit my needs as I am over 6 feet tall.  

“These adjustments have helped my shot making, distance and accuracy. I can see major improvements just halfway through the program and am quite positive it will continue improving till the end".

A golf set fitting is not just for low handicap players it is an requirement of every golfer. Beginners and intermediate golfers struggle with their game because of the lack of information on what is the right set for them. 

Where to go to for customisation

Do consult a good club fitter, your coach, or the IGPN club fitting services before you buy a new set of clubs.

We fit you for what is technically right and suitable for you. The brand is your choice. 


JP IGPN Fitting Studio at The Jaypee Greens, Greater Noida. 

JP IGPN Fitting Studio

Happy Golfing

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